Your Interest Ownership Management Solution

Joint Interest Billing Collection

  • Fixed fee schedule
  • Pass through legal expenses
  • If uncollected: We can facilitate the lien filing – or buy out the interest

Hired Assassin

Concierge Ownership Transfer (TM)

  • Quickly onboard transactions ensuring all ownership interests of the wells in your PSA are transferred correctly the first time
  • Complete Ownership Transfer on a per well / interest basis
    • Deed Creation, Filing with the county, Operator/payor notification, Receive and verify Division Order, Deliver fully executed division order -or- maintain the interest on your behalf to ensure accurate revenues are being received

Business Associate | Joint Interest Billing Deck Verification

  • Eliminate suspense/escheat requirements for bad addresses
  • Reduced costs associated with check printing, postage and ultimately legal expense to validate title
  • Expedite transactions with clean datasets

Patron JIB Collection

File Opening

Document Collection

Process Discussion

  • JOA / MSA Review
    • Dispute Procedure defined
    • Audit Rights Defined
    • Lien Waiver Defined
  • Lease Operating Statement
  • Division Order/Ownership Documents


  • Once collected, funds transfer to account of record
  • Affidavit prepared and filed in subject property
  • Lien documentation prepared and filed in subject county


  • Dunning I
  • Dunning II
  • Affidavit Claiming Lien to all Owners of Record (working and royalty interest)
  • File Affidavit Claiming Lien in County Clerk Records in Subject County
  • Dunning III
  • Lien Filing*
  • Physical Mail and Phone calls to locate point of contact to occur weekly

JIB Collections Outsourcing

Transfer administrative responsibility for only:

  • Flat Fee Per Well
  • 25% of Revenue Collected
  • +Passthrough legal expense*

Hired Assassin

“Its a great day to
be in pay”

Ensure all interest in each well of your transaction has been transferred correctly and quickly


  • Effective transfer of interests quickly
  • Seamless onboarding of transactions
    • “6 months into our transaction we brought in HA, in 1 month we went from receiving $250k per month to over 3 million “

Tournament Schedule

  • Create and file conveyance documents
  • Notify operators and payors of ownership change
  • Ensure Division Order is received and validate ownership percentages
  • Deliver fully executed division orders for internal management -OR- Continue Wells processed on JIB collection maintenance to ensure accurate payment of interest

Scalable Fee Structure

Pass Through Legal Expense

Flat Fee Per Well

    What You See

    • Consistent communication / outreach to delinquent party
      • Scheduled touchpoints with physical mail and phone calls built in over three Dunning Cycles
    • Weekly updates of account status
    • Expedited timeline for account recovery
    • Dedicated personnel to obtain financial
    • Power BI Dashboard to illustrate progress

    What You Don’t See

    • Increased staffing needs to resolve an administrative burden
    • Extended periods of inconsistent cashflow
    • Maintaining decks of non paying parties because it isn’t economical to take legal action
    • Incomplete accounting periods
    • Increased write-off volumes
    • Delayed accounting close or increase Prior Period Adjustments